Traditional Hardwoods prides itself on the ability to install everything it produces. With building projects it is detrimental to plan effectively to achieve the best possible finish within a time frame. At Traditional Hardwoods our specialised team of installers, sanders and finishers have a combined experience of over 25 years in New York installing, sanding and finishing commercial and domestic floors with companies such as East Side Flooring, Celtic Flooring and Woodlawn Floor supplies. 

We pride ourselves on the finish we leave behind and we are passionate about restoring floors to their natural splendour.
With our advice and expertise on the handling of your domestic/commercial flooring project you can be guaranteed satisfaction with our advice and expertise. Traditional Hardwoods expert team have vast experience installing the vast spectrum of custom floors. Ranging from straight plank engineered to the beautiful versailles panelling. 

Floor Installation

At Traditional Hardwoods we offer a comprehensive service for the installation & Sanding of flooring. Whether is semi-solid flooring or solid flooring we have the experience and expertise to leave our clients with 100% satisfaction with their new floor. Our experienced floor installers have a combination of 25 years experience in New York installing floors in Manhattan. No matter what the conditions of the sub floor are, our free on site evaluation of conditions will leave our clients in the know how in relation to the installation of their new floor. Traditional Hardwoods has a team of floor sanding, staining and restoration experts.

Methods of Installation

Secret Nailing

Secret nailing is the process whereby our floor installers use pneumatic nailers or manual nailers to drive nails into the edge of the tongue so that the board is tied into the wooden subfloor. This method leaves the surface of the floor in pristine condition with minimal nail holes. This method was invented to minimalize nail holes in the surface of the floor, the previous method was top nailing which left the flooring with minute nail holes along the sub floor batons. This method can be used with semi-solid and solid flooring.

Suitable sub floor: (ply board, batons, previous wooden floor.)

Glue Down

Most commonly associated with residential houses with under floor heating, this method can be used across the board of installing floors. This method comprises of spreading a urethane glue (non-ridged glue to allow the floor to expand and contract) across the sub floor. Our floor installers then lay the flooring on the glue, tighten the joints, tape the parallel joints, wedge the floor and weigh the flooring down to guarantee a strong bond between the back of the flooring to the subfloor, and to stop gapping between parallel joints. This method can be used with semi-solid and solid flooring.

Suitable sub floor: (screed, concrete, ply, batons in conjunction with nails, previous wooden floor)


Used in conjunction largely with laminate flooring, this method can also be used with semi-solid but with the addition of gluing the tongues and grooves. Floating a floor can be used with solid flooring but it is not recommended. This method comprises of rolling out a suitable underlay (different thicknesses, different acoustic insulation) and simply installing the floor on the under lay and leave the flooring floating without the necessity of nails or glue (in the exception of semi- solid flooring).

Suitable sub floor: (screed, concrete, ply, previous wooden floors.)

Floor Sanding 

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful wooden floor at home, you might find yourself in need of our services. Your wood floor might seem tough enough to withstand anything, but time, heavy traffic and the general wear and tear of a busy modern home will all take their toll on your floor. Our team can restore any age, species or profile of wooden floor to give your living space a new lease of life.

Using the latest Low-Dust equipment, we can help to ensure that any work we complete is carried out without damaging your home. This means that, once our work is done, all that will remain for you to do is sit back and enjoy your transformed floor. Just another reason why so many homeowners choose to work with Traditional Hardwoods when they are looking to restore a wooden floor.

If you have Engineered, Hardwood flooring, Parquet or customised flooring, Traditional Hardwoods aims to give you not only a long lasting beautiful floor but a level of service geared to your households needs whilst work is in progress. We can arrange flexible hours and schedules that can fit in with the busiest households. Work in busy areas such as kitchens and hallways, is timed to cause the least disruption especially where there are young children.

Floor sanding is carried out using modern efficient dust collecting machines capable of producing a fine finish which is essential if the floor is to be stained.

Floor Gap Filling is preformed using sourced wood to match with the pre existing floor. The sourced wood is then cut into v shaped strips and is wedged and glued in between the gaps as apposed to mixing dust with a solvent based resin method. It looks fantastic and works beautifully with stain. It is a long lasting solution to draughts. Traditional Hardwoods only uses filler for the very narrowest gaps and boards that have cracked and need some restoration

Staining changes the colour of the floor and can have a dramatic effect on the character of the space, so it is vital to get it right. Traditional Hardwoods and its team works closely with its clients giving advice and discussing the options and experimenting with colour's before the final decision is made. Sample colours will be applied to a test patch for the client to see how the colours are effected by the original board colour before the final choice is made.

The final protective finish is achieved using long lasting top quality professional floor lacquers with differing levels of sheen, matt, satin or gloss to give depth to the colour of the floor with the finishing sheen of your choice. Traditional Hardwoods and its team uses a minimum of 3 coats to give the very best possible most hardwearing finish.